Reprocessing of valuable residues

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In Germany, the extraction of hard coal has become history after the closure of the last mine – Prosper-Haniel mine in Bottrop on 21 December 2018. However, in other countries of the world, such as India, hard coal is still considered an important source of energy – even though the storage of residues in tailing piles or slurry ponds associated with coal extraction entails enormous environmental, social and also governance risks. Dr. mont. Dilip Kumar and Deepak Kumar report on the possibilities of an economically viable utilisation of valuable residues with the help of flotation processes, gravity separation and modern dewatering techniques in their technical article „Coal tailings reprocessing and fines recovery“ starting on p. 46.

Until 31 December 2021, you still have the opportunity to register with a presentation for the next Symposium on Processing Technology of the Institute for Processing Machinery and Recycling Systems Technology at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. Please find more information in the issue on p. 10.

You can find more interesting topics – among others about a sustainable use of raw materials – in the Focus Industry section starting on p. 12.

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