40 t duty cyle crane under high voltage

SENNEBOGEN 640 E in operation for ADAM Frères

F‌‌‌or three generations, the family company ADAM Frères has specialized in the extraction, distribution and transport of aggregates and public works. The company is based in the Aube region of north-east France and extracts raw materials near the Seine – recently with a 40 t SENNEBOGEN 640 E duty cyle crane.

Close to its headquarters in Vallant-Saint-Georges, ADAM Frères has an operating licence for a 17-hectare site. The company’s own facilities are capable of processing the extracted material and can therefore offer a wide range of products such as sand and gravel. The special feature of this site is that it is partly located under a network of high-voltage power lines. It was therefore necessary to ensure efficient extraction with a compact and versatile machine.

Managing Director Marc-Antoine Adam chose the SENNEBOGEN 640 E duty cyle crane, sponsored by the Grand Est region. Equipped with powerful 160 kN free-fall winches and its 186 kW motor, the machine is ideally designed for dragline shovel operations. Close to power lines, the boom measures 13.1 m in a compact configuration and is therefore perfectly adapted to the conveying depths to be reached. As soon as a larger working area is available at the beginning of 2021, the boom length will be increased to 15.9 m

Thanks to its robust design, the SENNEBOGEN 40 tonner is not only suitable for use with a dragline bucket up to 2.3 m³, but also for operation with a leader, rope grab or hydraulic piping machines and drilling grabs up to DN 2000. Thanks to its multi-circuit hydraulic system and powerful rotary drive, the duty cyle crane can be used multifunctionally without restrictions. Thanks to its telescopic crawler track system it has a safe and stable strand on 700 mm 3-grouser base plates.

In addition to the flexibility and compactness of the machine, ease of transport was also a criterion in the decision to choose the duty cyle crane, as this allows ADAM Frères to work for other partners in the region. The SENNEBOGEN 640 HD was equipped with a hydraulic ballast support system so that the machine can be mounted and dismounted quickly and safely. As a result, it can be transported to the site of operation with less than 30 t and is ready to start in no time.

Crane operator Charles Pers: “The SENNEBOGEN 640 HD is a modern and flexible machine. The Maxcab cab offers excellent comfort and the operation is sensitive and fatigue-free.”



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