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Sustainable management is an important topic even in the construction industry, and there is a clear commitment to the recovery of building material waste in order to preserve and use natural resources more efficiently. In its EU Waste Framework Directive, Europe has determined a recovery rate of 70 % for construction and demolition waste by 2020 – an ­ambitious ­objective.  An assessment as to whether this goal will be reached and turn into a success story is given by Dr. Harder in his ­technical paper on the topic of construction mate­rials ­recycling (from p. 44). Apart from an insight into waste ­volumes and recycling rates across different European countries, he also provides an overview of the respective technologies applied.

The 65th company anniversary of SENNEBOGEN is the ­result of another success story (from p. 12). With a keen sense for innovative solutions and new markets and driven by comprehensive plant extensions and modernization measures, the family-run company went through a dynamic development over the past decades.

Moreover, in our Focus Industry section (from p. 15) you will again find several reports on new developments and projects, inter alia in the fields of process control, crushing, conveying, screening, mixing and granulation.

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