Fully electric

Customer crushes gravel with RM crusher on the grid

RM customer Welbers in Wemb, North Rhine-Westphalia, crushes up to 110 t of gravel per hour with the RM 100GO! hybrid – fully electrically, directly on the grid. The results speak for themselves: the all-electric drive reduces energy costs by around 50 % and overall operating costs by 11 % per year, while also protecting the environment. The family business also benefits from maximum flexibility. The hybrid impact crusher allows them to crush other materials, such as rubble, in addition to the all-electric processing of gravel.


Welbers has been operating a sand and gravel plant in Germany for generations. In July 2023, they purchased their own crusher for the first time, the RM 100GO! hybrid, to process gravel into the highest quality final grain in the 0 to 16 mm fraction. The reason: previously rented cone crushers cannot keep up with the results achieved by impact crushers. “With the new RM 100GO! hybrid, we achieve a much better crushing pattern compared to previously used cone crushers. Better adhesion to the asphalt and much nicer decorative chippings are essential for our customers, which range from landscape gardeners and building contractors to private end customers,” says Jonathan Schaffers, Managing Director of Welbers Kieswerke GmbH.


Convincing test operation directly on site

Although the German company was initially sceptical about the performance of the RM crusher, a test run in May 2023 dispelled all concerns. The long-standing RM dealer Christophel, already a competent contact and supplier of mobile processing technology for the gravel plant operator, organised a test run directly on the gravel plant site and demonstrated how the RM 100GO! 16 to 40 mm gravel and oversize grain from 32 to 130 mm can be processed to the finest final grain of 0 to 16 mm. In addition to the gravel application, Welbers also tested the system in their building rubble. Here, the system confirmed what was already known from many neighbouring and satisfied RM operators: a finished end product 0 to 45 mm, as well as a sifted oversize grain with high output and good operating costs. The results were convincing – the RM 100GO! hybrid was ordered at the end of May 2023.


Protecting the environment and reducing fuel costs
thanks to hybrid drive

The endeavour to leave the land in a more ecologically valuable condition than it was in when excavation began has always been the philosophy of the Welbers family business. For this reason, and in order to make the best possible use of the existing grid connection at the site, the decision was made in favour of the hybrid version of the RM crusher. This means that nothing stands in the way of emission-free, fully electric operation. A pleasant side effect is the cost savings: the already high fuel costs are reduced and electricity is used. Since delivery in June, this has already saved € 1000 in diesel.


All-electric crushing: Simple and uncomplicated

Hardly anyone has ever crushed gravel fully electrically with mobile crushing plants. With an existing mains connection, however, this is easier than expected. To put the crusher into operation, Schaffers first connects the 15 m long cable to the transformer station and then to the crusher. This simple process completes commissioning in just a few minutes. “We are very satisfied with the crusher because it really has the performance it promises in electrical operation and processes the gravel excellently,” adds Schaffers.


Maximum flexibility & mobility

In addition to cost efficiency and reduced emissions, Schaffers recognises the additional advantage of the hybrid impact crusher’s flexibility and mobility. Thanks to the track-mounted chassis, in addition to fully electric gravel processing, they produce construction waste in fractions 0 to 45 mm in diesel mode directly on site. Whereas the processing of construction waste was previously outsourced, this can now be done flexibly and independently of location. The operator greatly appreciates this mobility coupled with the low-emission drive technology.


Particularly with regard to the new substitute building materials ordinance, which has been in force in Germany since 1 August 2023, this brings the customer a considerable advantage, as they no longer have to constantly obtain proof of suitability from external service providers, but can now act themselves. Several thousand tonnes of gravel have already been processed since July, all without fuel. The company is currently planning to run a campaign. Construction waste is to be crushed for 2 to 3 weeks every few months. In the meantime, gravel will be processed in all-electric mode. This means that around 40 000 t of gravel will be crushed on the network each year.


“With the RM 100GO! hybrid, both areas of application, construction waste and natural stone, can be perfectly covered. I am delighted that we have found the optimum solution for our customer Welbers, which is both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly,” emphasises Christian Knepperges, Sales Manager at C. Christophel GmbH.


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