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EAG Einfach Aufbereiten GmbH

Particularly due to increased tipping costs and rising fuel costs, interest in processing solutions is growing across the construction industry. With the aim of transporting building materials as little as possible and having to drive them to the landfill, more and more companies are looking into the subject of screening technology. The SBR 3 and SBR 4 construction material recycling screens from EAG Einfach Aufbereiten GmbH in Dresden are used both by companies whose core business is construction material recycling and by customers who usually outsource the processing.


Asphalt mixing plants often outsource the task of asphalt milling material processing. The SBR 4 construction material recycling screen does not change this, but it does add to the process. Due to the continuous and flexible, sensor-controlled screening, less tonnage remains for the crushing service provider. As a result, crushing costs are lower and the time dependency and space requirements for storing milled material are also reduced. Construction material recyclers often use the screening plants of EAG to save their large, highly technical, very capital-intensive crushing and screening plants. They often say: “Everything that comes to the yard first goes through the SBR 4.” Often the undersized material can be used as backfill. The oversize material is “clean”, an improved quality of the RC material and a higher crushing capacity can be achieved.


The smaller SBR 3 construction material recycling screen in particular is often used by recycling newcomers. In terms of transport dimensions, weight and performance, the SBR 3 was designed for the needs of road construction and civil engineering. There, logistics play a major role. If excavation processing and re-installation are possible on site, hundreds of truck transports are quickly eliminated and thus a lot of traffic and costs. The enormous acceleration values of the circular vibrator and the feeding of wheel loaders with 0.75 – 1.5 m³ enable hourly outputs of 60 – 100 t, with low machine costs compared to the use of a mobile excavator with bucket separator. Likewise, the SBR 3 is being used more and more frequently by container services due to its small footprint and wide range of applications. The exchange of the almost 5 m² screen deck is done in less than 30 minutes. Due to the bar sizer and the robust design, coarse building rubble or excavated material can be fed in, but heavy topsoil can be screened just as well.


The low investment compared to drum screening plants and the high performance, even with soils that are difficult to screen, are convincing more and more users. Low space requirements, ease of cleaning and simple handling are further advantages. At bauma in Munich, EAG will present both models and show all recycling professionals and future recyclers the possible applications for their requirements.


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