Tough work in soft sand

Hyundai excavator proves its worth in the rinsing field

Founded in 1991 by Hermann Oldewurtel, the specialist company specialises in sand extraction and currently operates five large suction excavators and a large number of Hyundai crawler excavators, all of which are used for sand and gravel extraction with a focus on northern Germany.

  1 In Bookholzberg near Delmenhorst, the operator Hermann Oldewurtel GmbH & Co. KG will extract 100 000 m³ of sand with a suction excavator in just a few weeks and deposit it in
a rinsing field for further processing 
© Hyundai

1 In Bookholzberg near Delmenhorst, the operator Hermann Oldewurtel GmbH & Co. KG will extract 100 000 m³ of sand with a suction excavator in just a few weeks and deposit it in
a rinsing field for further processing 
© Hyundai

The company is primarily active in sand extraction. Steady growth secures jobs for 22 employees today. Service areas have been steadily expanded. The two managing directors Hermann Oldewurtel and Michele Gronewold-Hinrichs, together with their employees, offer sand and gravel extraction services throughout Germany. The range of services is rounded off by a steady stream of special orders, such as the cleaning of locks, structures and harbours, as well as the cleaning of sheet piling and the creation of near-natural landscaped lakes.


A typical job takes place in Bookholzberg near Delmenhorst. A suction excavator is used to flush out around 100 000 m³ of sand in just a few weeks on behalf of a sand-lime producer. Oldewurtel has been using a brand-new Hyundai HX220 ANL crawler excavator since the beginning of 2023 to profile the rinsing field and provide the sand for production at the KS plant. Equipped with 900-mm floor plates, it works directly in the rinsing field. “It’s a tough job, because wet conditions and the very fine sand are hard on the lower chain, track rollers and Turas,” reports excavator professional Oldewurtel. “But we trust in Hyundai quality and expect the undercarriage components to have a service life of around 2500 operating hours. I think that’s a good value.”


The partnership with Hyundai authorised dealer Hyundai Baumaschinen Nord (HBN) has existed for many years. HBN sales consultant Hans Bley configures the appropriate machines together with the customer. Product quality, the dealer’s service and the price-performance ratio are decisive arguments in favour of this discerning customer.

  2 The Hyundai HX220AL is equipped for use with wide base plates
© Hyundai

2 The Hyundai HX220AL is equipped for use with wide base plates
© Hyundai

HX220A L: Part of the successful Hyundai HX hydraulic excavator series

With the HX series, Hyundai Heavy Industries has introduced a newly designed series of modern, ergonomic and powerful hydraulic excavators. The Stage V engine and a new design are just as impressive as the extensive new and further developments in components and operation. The Hyundai HX crawler excavator series with operating weights from 12 to soon 52 tonnes currently covers all important application scenarios in civil engineering, demolition and mining.


The capacitive touchscreen display has been enlarged from 7 to 8 inches. Here, the driver has the option of setting numerous parameters in clearly organised and intuitively guided menu items. Two views and three modes can be called up. In addition to displays and switches, many settings can be easily set and adjusted with minimal effort using slide controls that can be displayed. There are also 18 conventional buttons below the display for activating central lubrication, idle speed, working lights, etc. The responsive display is glare-free, low-vibration and can be freely adjusted in terms of tilt and direction of rotation. In addition, information from the smartphone can be transferred directly to the display via Wifi.


Three working modes ECO, Standard and Power are stored in the control unit and can be selected at the touch of a button. The oil quantity and pressure of up to 20 attachments can be stored in a library using the touchscreen EPPR function, EPPR stands for: Electronic Proportional Pressure Reduce Valve. For particularly demanding attachments, the hydraulic delivery rate can be increased by interconnecting two pumps – this configuration data is also stored in the Hyundai system together with the pressure and oil delivery rate. A feature that is particularly important in demolition. Here, there is constant switching between hammer, shears, pulveriser, sorting bucket, etc.


Safety is a high priority for Hyundai products. This is why the reversing camera comes as standard. As an option, Hyundai offers the AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) system: Here, a 360-degree all-round view appears on the display, composed of image information from four cameras. The IMOD (Intelligent Moving Objects Detection) monitoring system detects objects moving around the excavator and visualises them on the touchscreen.


Fine slewing and slew lock are further features of the new Hyundai excavator control system. Fine slewing enables particularly slow and precise work – for example in pipeline construction. The tilt lock can limit the turning radius of the excavator and, if required, lock the uppercarriage completely. The latter function is important for road transport on a low-loader, for example.


Hyundai now manufactures many components such as drive and swivel motors itself, which results in improved integration into the hydraulic system. Depending on the application, base plates with a width of 600 to 900 mm can be fitted. Bucket sizes between 0.80 and 1.34 m³ are ideally suited to this excavator, and additional pipework is available up to the arm ends for ditch clearing buckets, earth drills, demolition equipment and other hydraulic attachments. The additional control circuits are designed proportionally as standard for sensitive working with the attachments.

The important features include:

• ECO display

• IPC (Intelligent Power Control)

• Improved variable power control

• Volume flow control for attachments can be preselected

• New cooling system with higher air flow rate

• Large air intake with grille cover

• All-round view system AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring, optional)

• Durable cooling module

• Wear-resistant bolts, bushes and polymer discs

• Infotainment cabin

• Intelligent control system

• Wi-Fi Direct with smartphone (Miracast, new audio system)

• Proportional auxiliary hydraulics

• Easy access to DEF/AdBlue supply

• HiMate (machine management system, optional)

• Swivelling lock (option)

• Swivelling fine control (option)

• Improved sustainability

• Modern drive train with components from well-known manufacturers (Cummins, ZF, Rexroth etc.)

• High ergonomics

• High performance paired with state-of-the-art exhaust technology


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