New or retreaded tyres for the commercial vehicles in the quarry? For both alternatives, MARANGONI presents a broad and high-quality range of “Sustainable Tyre Solutions” at steinexpo. This is made possible by the sales cooperation with WESTLAKE. This means that new and retreaded tyres come from a single source – a convincing concept for quarrying companies, among others. As a novelty, MARANGONI will show a new tyre for dump trucks in demanding quarry applications in Homberg.

  MARANGONI tyres for demanding quarry applications – the picture shows the MDT series

MARANGONI tyres for demanding quarry applications – the picture shows the MDT series

Among the exhibits at this year’s steinexpo stand is the MRLT2: a retreaded tyre with a non-directional, deep tread in an extra-wide design. Its features include very good traction even when operating on hard surfaces, optimal stability and high protection with a long service life as well as excellent self-cleaning properties. This tyre, which is available in three dimensions (21.00R33, 24.00R35 and 27.00R49), was developed specifically for dump trucks in tough quarry applications.


Like all MARANGONI retreaded OTR tyres, the performance values of the MRLT2 are equivalent to those of new premium tyres. At the same time, they offer a double additional benefit: They are more cost-effective and only about 70 % of the energy is consumed for their production compared to a new tyre. The “Product Carbon Footprint” (PCF), i.e. the product-related CO2 emissions, is correspondingly lower. In addition, raw materials or resources such as steel and natural rubber are saved.


Also on display – as a trade fair novelty – is the counterpart of the MRLT2 as a new tyre: the WESTLAKE CB785 with 3-star carcass, a non-directional tyre for dump trucks, which is available in the following dimensions: 18.00R33, 21.00R33, 21.00R35, 24.00R35 and 27.00R49. As a full-range supplier, MARANGONI distributes the new tyres of this Chinese manufacturer of quality OTR tyres partly because they are particularly suitable for retreading.


This means that the user of the dump truck or other mobile machines in the quarry and elsewhere can decide freely every time he wants to change a tyre whether he wants to use a new tyre or a retread. This provides him with a closed system for the tyres over the entire service life of the machine. In this way, the cycle of new acquisition and retreading is closed in a very flexible way, which offers the user advantages on all levels – financially, technically and in terms of sustainability.


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