Smart process reliability

Plant monitoring of ash removal systems and conveyors

Perfect plant monitoring can be this simple: With the RUD Cockpit, operators of industrial plants can keep a close eye on their conveyors at all times. The smart analysis tool from RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG records real-time data from the conveyor systems and thus optimises predictive maintenance. In a visual dashboard, dangerous operating conditions, such as unacceptable heat or even unusual speeds, can be quickly detected before increased wear of the components or, in the worst case, a standstill of the conveyor system occurs. True to the motto: prevention instead of reaction. Particularly practical in everyday work: whether smartphone or tablet, the RUD Cockpit is available on all mobile devices – for decisions in seconds when it matters.


“With our RUD Cockpit, we give operators of coal-fired power plants, among others, the security in ash removal that they need for a stable process. Because if the ash removal system comes to a standstill, there is a loss of production in the coal-fired power plant. Such a failure can quickly cost € 250 000 per day and boiler. With our smart plant monitoring, we prevent this danger,” explains Anne Kühling. She is the head of product management in the conveying and driving division of RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG, based in Aalen, Baden-Württemberg. The RUD Cockpit monitors not only ash removal systems, but also other applications of horizontal and vertical conveyors, for example in bucket elevators. The analysis tool from RUD is suitable for every type of conveyor.


Smart monitoring

This is how the RUD Cockpit works: sensors measure at various points in the system and provide real-time values on, among other things, speed, operating hours, chain wear, chain run, conveying capacity and temperature. Overfilled discharge chutes and discharge hoppers can also be monitored. These measurements and values are clearly visualised in the RUD online dashboard. Thanks to the intelligent cloud solution, plant operators can keep an eye on their conveyors around the clock from anywhere in the world – conveniently via the shift supervisor’s PC, tablet or smartphone. So that they can react within seconds before the system comes to a standstill.


Focus on maintenance and servicing

The automated, continuous measurement provides valid information about the condition of the conveyor system at any time. The RUD Cockpit thus not only warns of dangerous operating conditions, but is also a 1-A tool for predictive maintenance and servicing of the ash removers and other conveyors. The RUD Cockpit focuses on the chain: a traffic light on the dashboard indicates the wear of the chain in green, orange and red. If this is orange or red, immediate action can be taken. A tachometer visualises the chain speed and provides optimisation suggestions if necessary – for the longest possible chain service life.


The RUD Cockpit enables coal-fired power plants and other companies that use bulk materials handling systems to carry out fact-based budget planning. This not only pleases the plant operators, but also the controlling department.


RUC Cockpit in two versions

The RUD Cockpit is available in two versions: as Basic Package 1 and as Basic Package 2. The RUD Cockpit Basic Package 1 is a forecast model. It records the speed and the operating hours of the system, provides forecasts of the chain service life and monitors chain breaks. The RUD Cockpit Basis Package 2 also measures the chain wear on a chain loop and thus provides more detailed information about the remaining service life of the chain.


Autorin/Author: Sabrina Deininger


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