Battery-electric underground

Sandvik introduces Toro™ LH518iB with AutoMine®

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is introducing Toro™ LH518iB with AutoMine®. The automation-ready battery-electric underground loader is undergoing extensive factory testing, with the first unit scheduled for customer delivery during the first half of 2023 and AutoMine® compatibility available in the second half.

  Toro™ LH518iB with AutoMine®
© Sandvik

Toro™ LH518iB with AutoMine®
© Sandvik

Toro™ LH518iB marries industry-leading battery-electric and automation technologies. Building on predecessor Sandvik LH518B, Toro™ LH518iB features several design updates and significantly improved field serviceability. The latest version of Sandvik’s intelligent control system enables AutoMine® readiness. Sandvik’s patented self-swapping battery system, including the AutoSwap and AutoConnect functions, benefits from improvements to the operator’s controls to facilitate battery swaps.


Toro™ LH518iB is automation ready and the loader can be equipped with Sandvik’s AutoMine® system. The 18-metric-ton loader is equipped with standard valves, harnesses and other built-in hardware for automation. The AutoMine® onboard kit will be available as an option, providing scanners, AutoMine® box and wireless connectivity.


With AutoMine®, one operator can run the entire cycle from a surface chair, including tele-remote battery swapping. Human involvement underground is only required for connecting and disconnecting batteries from chargers and coolers. “We are extremely proud of this new loader that will set the standard for productive, sustainable and autonomous underground mining,” said Jari Söderlund, Head of Product Management, Division Load and Haul, Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions. “This is not experimental technology that will be ready sometime in the future: it is developed and ready to be delivered to our customers this year.”


Factory tests of the new loader are ongoing. The first Toro™ LH518iB units are being prepared for customer deliveries in North America, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia. Deliveries are planned to start during the first half of 2023. Sandvik will closely monitor performance and production metrics in conjunction with the customers.


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