Health check

The best time for dust control
system maintenance

Maintenance is the health check of the mobile dust binding machine or stationary dust binding system. Put through its paces once a year, maintenance extends the service life of the dust binding systems and guarantees optimum function. Maintenance is the preventive inspection and servicing to maintain the performance of machines and systems in the long term. The winter period, when they are not in use, is the optimum time for this. In this context, the specialist responsible for the machinery should rely on the manufacturer’s service offerings.

  Professional maintenance of a dust control system
© Nebolex

Professional maintenance of a dust control system
© Nebolex

NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik GmbH reminds the customer in good time of the next maintenance date, arranges an appointment and thus takes over the service planning for the customer. Individual inspections can be arranged as well as regular maintenance by means of a maintenance contract. As the contract progresses, the customer benefits from only pro rata travel costs and a warranty extension or full warranty.


All system technicians who have completed their training keep their knowledge and skills up to date through in-house production and external training (compressor). Maintenance intervals are calculated from the customer’s specifications based on the service life of the system. If the conditions change, the maintenance periods are adjusted accordingly.


NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik GmbH has been offering the winter check for several years now. The maintenance is carried out professionally and competently and only original spare parts are used to ensure quality. All maintenance work carried out is documented and the results are made available to the customer in the form of a report. The legal basis for these inspections are the accident prevention regulations (UVV) issued by the employers’ liability insurance associations. The “UVV tested” inspection sticker provides customers with the assurance that their dust binding system or dust binding machine is in perfect technical condition. Regular maintenance therefore means necessary care but also safety for employees.

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