High quality recycled materials

VALDEAU’MAT to advance the circular economy in the Lille region

VALDEAU’MAT is a family-owned company newly created by two brothers, Steeve and Benjamin Vandeginste, with the objective of recycling construction and demolition waste in the Hauts de France area, which is located near the European Metropolis of Lille and the Flanders region. For this purpose, the company has invested in a large washing plant designed, engineered and manufactured by CDE, which will prevent the systematic landfilling of C&D waste, thus recovering up to 320 000 t of inert materials per year and avoiding the extraction of over 225 000 t of quarry materials per year.


By investing in the advanced CDE waste recycling process, VALDEAU’MAT aims to show that it is possible to contribute to the sustainable development and decarbonisation of their region, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing the circular economy. Behind this ambitious project lies the desire to create one of the most innovative recycling sites in France. To this end, in addition to the CDE wet processing plant, the VALDEAU’MAT site will include underground rainwater collection tanks and photovoltaic panels covering the entire surface of the roof hosting the site, for almost full autonomy in terms of water and electricity supply. Buildings consisting of a wooden frame base will be constructed by a regional partner and will house the wet processing facility and the stocks of finished products, thus reducing noise pollution and facilitating maintenance.


The team at Valdeau’MAT was able to visit several installations to see similar solutions in operation and receive direct feedback from customers who have an existing partnership with the manufacturer. The company was convinced both by the solution provided by CDE to their problem and by the collaboration and long-term support inherent to the company. VALDEAU’MAT will therefore be equipped with an advanced 200 t/h waste recycling solution including a R4500 scalping and dry screening station, an AggMax™ logwasher, for aggregate attrition and classification, an EvoWash™ double cyclonic pass sand washing plant, and a full water management system with an AquaCycle™ and a filter press to recycle up to 96 % of process water and handle higher flow rates and fines.


The project has already attracted the interest of companies around the European Metropolis of Lille that may wish to benefit from the more advanced waste treatment that will be offered by the CDE technology, and create partnerships aimed at transforming overburden into high quality reclaimed materials while advancing the region’s circular economy. Benjamin Vandeginste, Managing Director of VALDEAU’MAT, said: “Even before our CDE solution is installed, we are piquing interest from the construction industry. We hope that our site highlights to others that investment in innovative technologies promotes self-sufficiency as well as low-emission operations that are crucial to our environment.”


Thibault Vandecaveye, Business Development Manager for France, Belgium and Switzerland at CDE said: “Although Lille is relatively advanced in terms of sustainable development issues, in particular recycling, the treatment of construction and demolition waste is still mainly dry processing, which only allows the recycled materials to be used for secondary applications or to be sent to landfill. This investment will give the team at Valdeau’MAT a serious edge. Their solution will divert huge volumes from landfill and develop new revenue streams while promoting the circular economy and zero waste agenda about which the company is so passionate. We look forward to the commissioning of the plant and seeing its impact.”



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