Salter Cyclones Supplies Solids Separating Systems and Hydrocyclones Worldwide

Salter Cyclones has dispatched to the US two SMART systems to control the process in very flexible grinding circuits. The task for this type of circuit is to keep the solids separation system at peak efficiency across a wide range of process conditions and product requirements. Additionally, the system should not place constant demands on the plant personnel to make operational adjustments.
Salter Cyclones' solution is to install two of its systems, one for each of the two grinding circuits based on different mill sizes and incorporating the company's extended 10in hydrocyclones. These systems make the required adjustments automatically so that the target product specification is maintained. This is despite significant variations in requirements for product tonnage and despite having to accommodate varying recirculating load percentages.
A simple solution to material separation
A SC2009, nine-way 2in assembly with stand and launder has been supplied to a client producing calcium carbonate. The assembly offers a compact and lightweight solution to packaging a number of hydrocyclones within the smallest footprint. The 2in hydrocyclones are treating the output from a grinder to separate out the clay. The hydrocyclones' vortex finders are fitted with Salter Cyclones uniquely designed ceramic extensions, which reduce residue in the product.
Mineral test rigs supplied worldwide
Laboratory mineral separators have been supplied to Namibia, Russia and Canada for treating gold, copper and iron ore. A laboratory MGS has been supplied to a technical laboratory in Europe. Additionally, SCTR1 test rigs have been supplied to Australia, Singapore, Japan and the UK for a wide range of applications, including graphene production, slurry recycling and hematite separation.

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