Symphos 2015 – Over 1200 participants are expected

OCP Group is planning its third International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry (Symphos) from the 18th to 20th of May 2015 in Marrakesh, with the theme "Innovation to serve sustainable agriculture".


This year's event will bring together over 1200 participants from the phosphate industry from all corners of the world, representing over 45 countries. Symphos 2015, a forum for meetings and discussions between the major international players in the phosphate and phosphate derivatives industry, will build on the previous events, with greater focus on innovation to serve sustainable agriculture. In particular, this year's event will cover themes regarding industrial processes, elements of value, fertilizers of the future and slow & controlled releases.

The event has become an international benchmark in the sector, offering a forum that promotes diversification, modernisation and development of the phosphate industry and support for the development needs of worldwide agriculture. Aware that innovation is the primary tool for rational and sustainable exploitation of phosphate reserves, OCP Group uses Symphos to highlight its commitment to sustainable and prosperous agriculture throughout the world. By bringing together the global phosphate community to share expertise, skills and experiences, Symphos aims at contributing to the emergence of the ideas of tomorrow, and taking up the major challenge of soil and resource conservation for sustainable agriculture.


Symphos examines new techniques and technologies to improve production systems in the phosphate industry and to conserve resources. This involves considering the future of the phosphate industry in the context of a sustainable development and clean technologies approach, discussing phosphate-based raw materials, intermediate products and finished products. Special place will be given to the Moroccan model of industrial management and innovation development in the phosphate industry, in particular in the areas of mining, beneficiation of phosphates, adding value and fertilizer production.


This symposium offers the opportunity to meet all professionals in the phosphate industry, in the presence of influential figures in the mining and processing industry. All stakeholders in the value chain will be represented: producers, consumers, traders, market analysts, engineers and technical experts. An exhibition space of a hundred stands will bring together the main companies in the phosphate industry.

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