PUCEST® invites to its in-house fair

After the première last year and the resulting very positive response, PUCEST® protect GmbH will start its second in-house fair. On 11 October 2016 the in-house fair will offer visitors the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive overview of the various wear protection systems. In addition to their own main topics the exhibition will comprise all relevant fields of industry concerning plant maintenance. Furthermore, there will be expert lectures given by the partner companies including presentations of products and innovations about all aspects of the building materials industry. Among others, the exhibitors will be BETEK, PHOENIX CONTACT, REMA TIP TOP, SSAG (Hardox®), WAM, ZF.


Within the framework of the in-house fair, the visitors can benefit from the ideas and experience of PUCEST® and of the participating companies, and there is the opportunity to exchange ideas with trade colleagues. In addition, PUCEST® will again offer its guests a lively network and information platform with live workshops covering the processing, separation and welding of wear-resistant steel plates, the repair of PUCEST® wear protection systems by means of TIX® as well as specialist lectures of the present companies.



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