30.08.2012 perma lubricating systems

The direct contact between abrasive particles or sludge with moving parts inside a pump may quickly lead to wear. Pumps are frequently operated under extreme conditions. To reach the life of bearings or even to prolong it, the penetration of solid contaminants and water must be prevented. To seal the shaft by means of a stuffing box can only be ensured by a permanent lubrication of the packing, e.g. by means of the perma lubricating systems.
An effective amount of the required lubricant, individually attuned to the lubricating point, is indispensable to ensure a smooth and trouble-free process safety. The lubricating systems from perma-tec can easily be installed and exchanged by hand. Depending on the requirement, the lubricating point is permanently supplied with fresh lubricating grease or oil during the desired period of supply. Thus, the maintenance can considerably be reduced. Since the system may very easily be exchanged without any tool, the stay in danger zones is also reduced. The operating safety is additionally increased by removing lubricating points hard to reach, e.g. by means of hose supply lines at rotating parts.
The lubricating point is sealed hermetically by perma lubricating systems so that no contaminants or water may enter. Furthermore, the lubricant prevents a premature wear or leakiness at the axle seals towards the pump. For example, stuffing boxes, labyrinth packings, electromotors or axle boxes are reliably lubricated and are insensitive to environmental influences.
Information as regards the topic “Pumps” can be ordered free of charge or downloaded in the download center at www.perma-tec.com .

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