Clean roads around the Michelbach Quarry of Basalt AG

Basalt AG invested into the latest engineering system for the Michelbach Quarry (Schmelz) in Germany, a MobyDick Wheel Washing System to provide clean road outside. The re-equipping of the latest engineering systems required a new traffic management at the site. The system cleans the tires and the chassis automatically during the slow passage over the wash platform and with a length over 9 m (3 wheel revolutions). There are six waste water submerged pumps MobyPump with a performance of 10.800 l/min. Together with an additional static nozzle bar with 388 nozzles (7 and 8 mm core diameter) providing an effective cleaning spray pattern. There are two drainage channels below the central wash platform and the waste water is led directly into the first 40 m³ recycling tank for primary treatment.  A continuously working scraper conveyor transports the settled solids and throws these almost semi-solid over the lateral dirt ejection beside the unit.

The primary-clarified surface water is led into the second recycling tank as main treatment tank with a usable volume of 80 m³. There the remaining solids and the surface water flow over the overflow weir through filter inset into the pumping chamber, where it is again used for the further washes. This ensures a complete water circulation. The settled solids in the quiet zone of the 80 m³ recycling tank will be removed with a wheel loader. With the primary treatment tank the cleaning intervals of the large recycling tank reduce substantially. Using of a MobyDos Container with flocculent the sedimentation is accelerated and optimized.

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