Endress+Hauser opens new Customer Center

Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG's new building in Cernay/France, inaugurated on October 14th, 2011, provides greater proximity to customers and better production conditions (Fig. 1). The cornerstone for the Customer Center was laid in March of last year. After one and a half years of construction, the building is now complete and can fulfill its purpose. In addition to a personnel restaurant, the 820 m² of floor space was outfitted with an auditorium and additional rooms for the over 3000 annual visitors to the factory. Endress+Hauser invested 1.3 million € in the new building. Thanks to the new building it is possible to remove existing offices from the production hall and to better utilize the actual production space.

The desire for high-quality flowmeters in the process industry has continued unabated for decades. This is not surprising, since the liquids being transported through pipelines in massive quantities every day need to be collected, measured and billed with increasing accuracy. Among other things, this is caused by legal provisions that constantly define stricter and stricter quality requirements worldwide (Fig. 2). Therefore, for Endress+Hauser the consistent expansion in Cernay was never in question despite the financial crisis. Since 2001 Endress+Hauser has operated in Cernay one of the worlds largest and most modern calibration rigs. On this rig, the finished flowmeters are subjected to rigorous testing and adjusted for maximum accuracy before being delivered. Many customers would like to be present in person for these tests and to be assured of the high measurement quality of the devices on the spot.


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