New larger Cutter Suction Dredger joins the Damen Standard series

A new, larger and more powerful CSD650 joins the Damen Standard series of Cutter Suction Dredgers. The addition to the range results from a buoyant demand in the market and the continuous innovation of Damen Dredging Equipment, based on years of experience. The CSD650 is past its drawing table stage and is now under construction.


The CSD650 is based on the Damen standard range: all offer a simple, robust and modular design. The design principle of the CSD650 are a high cutter power combined with a large swing width for maximum efficiency. All engines are Caterpillars; the total installed power is 2.969 kW: plenty for all functions operating simultaneously. The dredger works at max -18 m, using its Damen dredge pump type BP6560MD which has a mixture capacity of 7.000 m3/h. The powerful hydraulically driven cutter has 600 kW installed, which results combined with the 62.8 m swing width in an extremely efficient dredging tool.

The CSD650 is designed for coastal area operations. It is fitted out as a standard with anchor booms for autonomous operation and a spud carriage installation for optimal efficiency. The rapid dismantling and reassembly is assured by the quick connection system. The various elements such as side pontoons and main pontoon can all be shipped by road or sea. All steel plating of the pontoons is beyond Class requirements. The on board dredge piping is of a 650 mm internal diameter.


The Damen standard series ranged up to now from the CSD250 to the CSD500. Care has been taken that the newly added CSD650 is well in line with the existing series : a simple design, modularly built and made for durable operations with a high re-sale value. All dredgers are fitted out with ample power sufficient for all functions, and their design is continuously updated as per the latest technological developments. Moreover, as usual, a large range of optionals is available.


The CSD650 can be customized effortlessly, which makes it flexible in use. For instance a submerged dredge pump unit is ready to expand the dredging depth to -22 m. Moreover an air conditioned crew day accommodation unit is available, plus many more optionals such as deck cranes, a stern swivel, production measurement, positioning software – all in stock to minimize delivery times.


The CSD650 is currently under production. The competitively priced fit-for-purpose dredger is available at a minimal delivery time and can be customized straightforwardly suiting any dredging job. Damen Dredging Equipment is confident that this full sized Cutter Suction Dredger will conquer the dredging market.

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