Innovation and practical knowledge non-stop: HDT Belt Conveyor Conference 2022 – A preliminary report

This year, the HDT Conference "Belt Conveyors and their Elements" will take place for the 18th time from June 8 to 9, 2022. However, it already grew up or rather became a compulsory industry event years ago. In 2021, the conference had to be held purely as an online event due to the pandemic. However, this did not dampen its success. As a virtual world tour with stops in the USA, South America and Australia, among other places, the past Belt Conveyor Conference once again highlighted the latest developments in continuous conveyors and the bulk solids industry around the globe. In 2022, too, the content is clearly international, even if the planned technical excursion only leads to the neighborhood of Essen – to the Bochum Mining Museum. The demonstration mine is impressive with its themed exhibitions on hard coal and mineral resources in general.


Premiere at the belt conveyor conference

One of the highlights of this year's Belt Conveyor Conference will be the presentation of a new steep incline conveyor system by LHB Mining Solutions from Leoben. Touted as being very environmentally friendly, the innovation is also said to offer significant cost advantages. What else can participants expect in 2022? Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Stefan Hinterholzer, founder and managing director of LHB Mining Solutions, is certain that the belt conveyor conference will once again provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation and an outlook on what lies ahead for the industry. Environmental, climate, and sustainability issues continue to be a challenge. "CO2 emissions must be reduced in responsibility for our environment and the next generations," explains Hinterholzer. "At the same time, however, it is important to remain economically competitive in a globalized world.

Various approaches exist to achieve these goals. According to Stefan Hinterholzer, the automation of work processes based on more effective and operationally reliable conveying technologies is promising. "It is precisely these new developments that will be discussed at the symposium," Hinterholzer continues.


Environmental aspects play a major role at the belt conveyor conference

Dr. Stefan Tappeiner of RWE Technology International sees a significant environmental factor in the reduction of energy consumption levels by means of the increased use of belt conveyors for bulk material transport as an alternative to dump trucks. "Unfortunately, important operating conditions and parameters are not sufficiently taken into account in the specification and design of belt conveyor systems," Tappeiner complains. This, he says, leads to performance problems and often then to litigation. "The technical regulations are proven in principle, but also allow for discretionary leeway in the assumptions. If estimates are too optimistic, problems are inevitable," explains Tappeiner.

For Arie-Johann Heiertz, who has been head of Mining and Materials Handling at RWE Technology International GmbH since 2019, reducing energy requirements and carbon dioxide emissions is also high on the agenda. Another priority for him is the electrification and automation of mines worldwide. These are all topics that are likely to generate lively discussions.


Great expectations that are regularly met

The fact that the Belt Conveyor Conference is very well organized and at a high professional level is something that those responsible at the HDT regularly hear from participants and speakers, much to their delight. Stefan Tappeiner agrees with the positive assessment and reveals: "I use the conference for personal training and to exchange ideas with the participants. The committed and entertaining moderation and the interesting excursions deserve special mention."

For Stefan Hinterholzer, on the other hand, the "Belt Conveyors and Their Elements" conference is the meeting of experts with topics that have their finger on the pulse. "The event should not be missed in order to continue to be successful in the industry in the future," Hinterholzer indicates. And according to Arie Heiertz, the Belt Conveyor Conference represents an excellent opportunity to make direct contact with equipment manufacturers and consultants. Furthermore, for him it is crucial that the HDT conference presents the latest findings from research and development.


Also an online benefit

The HDT team entrusted with the organization is already looking forward to the 18th Belt Conveyor Conference with great excitement. "Above all, we are looking forward to being able to get in touch with all participants face-to-face again this time, after last year's limitation to an online-only conference due to the pandemic," comments HDT department head Dr. Uwe Schröer. "As a little extra, everyone who attends will receive a free ticket from us this time for the 'SOLIDS Dortmund' trade fair for granulate, powder and bulk solids technologies, which will be held from June 22 to 23, 2022," Schröer promises.

And Michael Graef, responsible for corporate communications at HDT, adds: "For those who cannot be on site in 2022, there is the possibility of participating in the Belt Conveyor Conference online via our digital campus, for which there is now even a special app for IOS and Android. The technology used has proven its worth, and its performance ensures that an intelligent exchange of knowledge and experience takes place in equal measure during virtual participation."

Program details and registration for the conference Belt Conveyors and their Elements

Information on the HDT digital campus and the associated app

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