REMAREP ULTRA 10: The industry's fastest belt repair

© Rema Tip Top

© Rema Tip Top
Repair in record time: With the new 2-component repair compound REMAREP ULTRA 10, the repair time for minor damage to conveyor belts or elastomer components is considerably reduced. This new product innovation repairs every conveyor belt in a quality comparable to the original material.

© Rema Tip Top

© Rema Tip Top
"In the case of unplanned outages, every minute counts, because every minute costs money," says Alexander Sedler, Product Manager Belt Repair at REMA TIP TOP, about the new repair material having an exceptionally fast curing time: At 24° Celsius the hardness after 15 minutes is an average of 65 Shore A, after 60 minutes the conveyor belt can be loaded again. The final stage of hardening is usually reached after 8 hours. The red material color of the solvent-free polyurethane being developed and entirely produced in Germany, allows previous repairs to be visually traced and the overall condition of the conveyor belt to be assessed.

At the same time, the belt has optimum material properties even after the repair: The repair paste offers comparable wear properties to the original material as well as resistance to UV rays, oil and diesel fuel. The main area of application is in conveyor belt repair, for example in the temporary repair of damage to ceiling panels and longitudinal cracks in the conveyor belt as well as the sealing of punctures in the belt. At the same time, the REMAREP ULTRA 10 can also be used to fill joints in rubber linings and for cosmetic repairs to PU, PVC and elastomer components.

The most important step in repairing a damaged conveyor belt is to assess the damage: the length and depth of the belt damage is not limited in most cases. However, if the fabric carcass needs to be repaired, the repair must not exceed 20 % of the belt width to ensure stability. For an optimal repair, the belt damage must first be cleaned, prepared with a grinding machine and thinly coated with Cement SC4000. After the adhesive has hardened, the repair material is directly applied to the damaged area using a dispensing device and can be ground smooth with a grinder or angle polisher after about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the temperature. The repair can be carried out either by trained REMA-TIP-TOP service staff or by qualified staff at the customer's premises.

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