Trelleborg introduces an abrasion resistant rubber sheeting

Trelleborg introduces the GoldLine® Premium 38 to the mining market. This natural abrasion-resistant rubber sheeting protects mine owners’ investments in mineral processing plants from wear caused by wet abrasive slurries.

GoldLine® Premium 38
© Trelleborg

GoldLine® Premium 38
© Trelleborg
Recognizing that limitations in testing of sheeting makes it difficult for engineers to rank, specify and select premium natural rubber compounds, Trelleborg developed the SETAT™ – Submerged Elevated Temperature Abrasion Test. This advanced, rigorous test and performance ranking regime demonstrated that GoldLine® Premium 38 offered significantly lower rubber loss than alternative products, maximizing sheeting life and thereby lowering total cost of ownership for mine operators.

Keith Jones, Business Development Manager for the product, says: “The new GoldLine® Premium 38 improves equipment, piping and asset reliability in arduous wet abrasive applications, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. In a two-year development program to perfect the sheet rubber’s formulation, extensive in-house SETAT™ verified the product outranks alternatives in terms of rubber loss.

“The sheeting, with its distinctive gold color, represents a significant milestone for Trelleborg in the premium natural abrasion sheet rubber market. A dedicated and collaborative product development effort across multiple Trelleborg operations has culminated in an offering that will help mining and mineral processing operations across Australia manage wear caused by abrasive process slurries.”

Developed to deliver the optimum combination of physical and mechanical properties, GoldLine® Premium 38 has a well-balanced rubber formulation to resist wear and abrasion in a range of wet abrasive mineral processing slurry applications. In addition, it demonstrates high tensile strength, resilience, elongation at break and tear strength.

Easily applied to steel surfaces using Trelleborg’s contact adhesives, the sheeting has excellent workability and flexibility, in particular when applying under tension and compression. Custom-manufactured roll widths and lengths minimize yield loss or offcuts when lining equipment and pipe spools.

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