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At SOLIDS Dortmund the BEUMER Group will show visitors solutions for conveying, loading, palletizing and packaging various bulk materials for the cement, building materials and chemical industries. The BEUMER Group’s product portfolio includes curved troughed and pipe belt conveyors. Users from the cement, building materials and chemical industries can transport bulk materials over long distances with these conveyors. Gradients of up to 15 degrees can be mastered, depending on the conveyor type and the materials’ characteristics. BEUMER Group conveyor systems have a throughput of up to 10 000 t/h. The BEUMER Group relies on modern planning and layout tools to provide operators with early project support and conceive the ideal conveying solution.


For vertical transport, the system provider supplies high-performance belt bucket elevators primarily used for powdered or small-sized materials. Materials can be conveyed at heights of up to 200 meters. For coarse and highly abrasive materials, belt bucket elevators are equipped with the Heavy Duty technology developed by BEUMER. The specially designed buckets and the time-tested steel cord belt enable impressive conveying heights and top performance.


To convey hot goods such as cement clinker safely and economically, the BEUMER Group offers steel cell conveyors with belt or chain traction. They can master gradient angles of up to 60 degrees and achieve speeds of up to 0.6 meters per second. In the case of belt apron conveyors, the conveyor system is based on the proven belt technology used in bucket elevators.


Filling, palletizing, packaging

Bulk materials from the chemical industry are transported from the silo via a conveyor to the BEUMER fillpac FFS form-fill-seal system. This highly efficient filling machine forms ready-made PE tubular film into a bag and fills it with the customer’s engineering plastics, such as PE, PP, PA or PS granules. Salts and fertilizers can also be filled reliably, carefully and sustainably.


The BEUMER Group’s product range also includes the high-performance palletizers of the BEUMER paletpac series. These machines palletize bulk materials from the cement, building materials and chemical industries. The system provider has not only designed this series to be robust but has also completely revised it: With the new modular design, the same or similar components and modules are now installed in all systems, and BEUMER has implemented as identical a design as possible wherever feasible. There are also fewer components, reducing the number of spare parts and speeding up delivery times. The modules are individually assembled for each customer, internally tested and installed on the customer’s site. This approach saves both time and money.


The containers, precisely stacked on pallets, can then be conveyed to the downstream packaging system, the BEUMER stretch hood. The hood is also manufactured in a modular design, so it offers the same advantages as the BEUMER paletpac. The BEUMER stretch hood covers the palletized goods with a highly elastic film. The film safely protects the goods from environmental influences such as sun, dirt and moisture during handling and outdoor storage.


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