Complete solutions from the extraction specialist

At this year’s steinexpo, the company Kiesel, the exclusive
partner of Hitachi in Germany and of Terex Fuchs in many countries, will make system solutions for extraction the focal point with the motto “better handling”.

Competence as regards large machinery

With a total of nine backacters and eight face shovels with a service weight from 50 to 811 tons, Hitachi offer the suitable excavator size for any extraction company. The robust machines meet even the hardest requirements and are distin-g­uished by many leading-edge technologies, such as heavy-duty engines, the ground-breaking, patented hydraulic system, the automatic parallel guide of the front equipment of face shovels, the reinforced travel unit as well as numerous safety devices.

The high breaking and ripping forces of the Hitachi ZX870LCH-3 (approx. 89.0 t, 397 kW) with a shovel of 5.4 m³ from LOC-matic will be presented on the demonstration area of the steinexpo. It harmonizes perfectly with the EH1100-3 (payload 65 t, body volume 39 m³), one of the five models in the Hitachi dumper program. The bodies are distinguished by the excellent loading and operating properties. High-quality components, such as an efficient engine, three-phase drive systems, well-built chassis, the continuously heated body as well as the suspension system ACCU-TRAC developed by Hitachi contribute to the excellent performance of the bodies. The third unit from Hitachi at the demonstration area will be the large wheeled loader ZW370 (rock shovel 5.2 m³, approx. 34.6 t, 268 kW), which convinces with its traction and ripping force even under the harshest quarry conditions. Since Hitachi presented large wheeled loaders, which had been developed together with the system partner Kawasaki, for the first time at the Bauma 2010, they are very popular in Germany, like their smaller brothers. Not least the low operating costs, which are due to a high availability, large maintenance intervals as well as low fuel consumption, speak for the loaders from Hitachi with a shovel volume from 0.75 m³ up to 6.9 m³.

Specialists for the quarry

The motto of the Kiesel stand is “better handling”, ­because a reliable and efficient machine is the only basis for efficient operation. Therefore, Kiesel offer an economic complete solution taking into account the individual requirements and the conditions. For this reason Kiesel have formed branch, specialists and product development teams, which are working all over Germany to give comprehensive ­advice as regards the use.

Prerequisites for the development of a tailored solution are a detailed analysis of the sequence of operations and of the general conditions as well as intensive discussions with users and development partners. For example, the types of rock, the quarrying method, the required loading and handling capacities, the existing equipment fleet and the economic factors are taken into account. Depending on these factors, the optimum machine including optional equipment possibilities, such as quick-change devices or special tyres, as well as optimum ­attachments will be planned.

For example, Kiesel as a system supplier offer shovel shapes, which are optimized according to the existing rock, to achieve perfect penetration behaviour and, consequently, low fuel consumption. Furthermore, the shovels or bodies are lined with suitable wear parts according to the wear behaviour of the rock. As regards attachments and accessories, Kiesel cooperate with reliable and competent system partners offering shovels, hammers, weighing equipment, grabs, jaw crusher shovels etc. Thus, mobile and crawler excavators as well as wheeled loaders of different sizes from Hitachi, which have been optimized for the various extraction operations, will be presented at the Kiesel stand. Visit the Kiesel stand C19.

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