Spiral shaft separator SPLITTER

Against the background of the largest European basalt quarry at Vogelsberg, the German company Günther envirotech presented the unique, patented product SPLITTER for the separation of the most difficult materials. The spiral shaft separator is enormously efficient, does not clog, and is twist-free as well as wear-resistant. The SPLITTER separates materials difficult to screen and interspersed with interfering substances, such as stones, earths, loam, clay, mixed building waste and building materials, even with difficult weather conditions and environmental influences.


Steinexpo offered Günther envirotech a very good access into the market segment of building materials recycling. After the fair the managing director Bernd Günther summed up: “Our focus is on the coarse preliminary separation and processing of cohesive materials as well as on the processing of building waste and excavated soil. In the opinion of the visiting experts, the efficient separation opens up many new possibilities of application.” The internationally acting company Günther envirotech located at Wartenberg-Angersbach (Hesse) looks back on decades of experience gained in the field of machine building. Great attention is paid to the new development of products and the further development of the existing range of products in the field of recycling technics.


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