Market Survey

Dear Readers

Dear Readers

As a supplement to this November issue, you will find the new Screening Technology, a market survey providing you with a comprehensive overview of screens for a wide range of applications in the extraction and processing of minerals and including a directory of manufacturers and suppliers. As ever, it is worth taking a look at the updated technical data as an indispensable source of information before you make any buying decisions.

Under the heading Comminution selected new or further developed crushers are presented. These feature user-friendly design as well as optimized accessibility for service and maintenance work. Overall the focus of this versatile equipment is on even more safety and reliability, a reduction of wear costs, as well as rugged and compact mobility combined with very high capacity.

The report headed Concentrated (p. 35) describes studies of the kinetics of gravity concentration of heavy minerals from red sediments using a mineral separator.

Mobile analysing devices for detection of asbestos are the focus of the report entitled Quick Detection (p. 50). After all, precondition for the utilization of fibre cement waste is that the waste can be definitely certified as being clear of asbestos.

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