Merger between German raw material associations

As of 19.10.2011, the activities of Germany’s federal associations of the aggregates industry have been bundled completely under the umbrella of MIRO (Fig.), the Bundesverband Mineralische Rohstoffe e.V. (MIRO – ­German Aggregates Federation). ­Following a decision made by the boards of the two asso­ciations, the Bundesverband der Deutschen Kies- und Sandindustrie e.V. (BKS – Federal Association of the German Sand and Gravel Industry) has discontinued its activities with retroactive effect from 01.07.2011. Following the settlement of all formalities regarding contracts and articles, the German aggregates industry is now speaking with one voice for the first time in more than 90 years.


MIRO, because substance matters! Under this in many respects very apt slogan, the German aggregates industry has closed its ranks with regard to those companies in the natural stone, sand, gravel and silica sand industry that are organized in associations. With one voice, MIRO, which represents the largest German raw materials sector in terms of volume, will champion the interests of this very important basic industry on national and European level. The industry supplies raw materials and building materials to the now restarted motor of economic growth that is the construction industry. That fact the merger of the two associations under the umbrella of MIRO went so smoothly and after just five rounds of talks documents the will of the two parties to speak with a single voice.


With the two offices in Cologne and Duisburg and its long-serving, field-experienced staff, MIRO is now able to operate even more effectively. The producers of different mineral raw material grades will no longer permit themselves to be divided as they have been in the past. MIRO not only stands for professional strength and a new self-assurance, but also represents a brand with growing public perception and image. For the future: MIRO will ensure respectful awareness of the industry’s problems on a range of levels, as ultimately it is substance that matters rather just ideas thrown up from the negotiating table.


The Association represents around 1300 companies operating around 2100 plants in Germany and employing around 29 000 people. The annual turnover of the 1420 sand and gravel works total around € 1.4 bill., the turnover of the 680 natural stone operations adds up to € 1.2 bill. That corresponds to an annual production of around 240 mill. t sand and gravel and 208 mill. t natural stone.

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