MIRO with representative office and augmented expertise in Berlin

Since January 2018, matters of interest to the aggregates industry have been brought more closely to federal politics: The Bundesverband Mineralische Rohstoffe, MIRO, (Federal Mineral Resources Association) has established a representative office in Berlin, where the Business Studies Graduate Susanne Funk will manage the field of “Politics and Communication” as MIRO’s General Manager. The declared objective is to emphatically communicate the industry’s interests to the political decision makers. “A new government consisting of CDU/CSU and SPD intends to maintain the investments in transport at today’s record level and, moreover, announces a residential offensive with the construction of at least 375 000 new flats per year”, said Susanne Funk. “In this context, the sustainable supply of the building projects with local gravel, sand and natural stone products with short transport routes must be safeguarded. For this purpose, we are going to demand suitable frame conditions from federal policy makers.”

Looking back on more than 15 years of work in the environment of Berlin policy making, Susanne Funk can count on an excellent network in the political sphere. In the past, she worked in a number of positions within the German Bundestag, in trade association as well as in the raw material and energy industry. Susanne Funk worked as a consultant and as an office manager for various members of parliament. Moreover, she was Head of the Department of Raw Materials, Environment and Construction in the CDU Economic Affairs Council, ran the Capital office of the business association for crude oil and gas producers and worked for the transmission system operator 50Hertz. Thus, Funk was involved in numerous subject areas and legislative procedures in the field of raw material, environmental, energy and industrial policy and successfully developed strategies for internal and external communication.



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