Mobile and flexible

The focus of the April issue of AT INTERNATIONAL is on material handling. Mineral raw materials are extracted in quarries and in sand and gravel pits all over the world. From there they are transported to be further processed or as finished products to their places of use. Thus, material handling within extraction operations as well as for stockpiling or in transhipment stations is an economic factor that should not be underestimated.


The topic of the article “Mobile” (p. 54) deals with the efficiency of mobile conveying equipment, which can be used for the handling of dry bulk solids in everyday operation both for stockpiling and reclaiming.


The service life of belt conveyors used for raw material extraction in quarries mainly depends on the high degree of stress. Demonstrated by the example of the Chilean copper mine Los Pelambros, the article “Long reach” (p. 62) describes the importance of professional maintenance and of the trouble-free exchange of worn conveyor belts, respectively.


Meanwhile, mobile and consequently flexible crushing and screening plants are the prerequisite for efficient building materials production and recycling of demolition materials. An example is the new, mobile jaw crusher QJ 241 from Sandvik, which is presented in the article “Première” (p. 74).


Our category “Focus Industry” also deals with the topic “Conveying and storage” taking into account various aspects, such as the efficient planning and installation of large silos (p. 22), the operational reliability of mechanical power transmission and breaking systems (p. 26) as well as the reduction of dust emission (p. 32 and p. 40).


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