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Filtech 2009, Wiesbaden/Germany (13.-15.10.2009)

Filtech 2009, Wiesbaden/Germany (13.-15.10.2009)

With a 40 % increase in exhibitors and 25 % more visitors the Filtech 2009 (Fig.) turned out to be very successful. On 5200 m² of exhibition space, 154 exhibitors provided a representative survey of global developments and new innovations for methods involving classical mechanical fluid separation, gas-solid separation, and membrane separation methods. FILTECH spans processing technology for crude minerals, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, environmental technology, and water purification. The FILTECH congress provided a representative survey of the latest research findings and trends. In special plenary and survey lectures, internationally recognised experts discussed strategies for solving solid/liquid separation problems, the structural analysis of porous systems, advances in the characterisation of membrane materials, state-of-the-art numerical methods for simulating separation processes, diesel particle filter separation in commercial vehicles, and the state-of-the-art developments of membrane bioreactors in wastewater treatment. FILTECH 2011 will be held from 22–24 March in Wiesbaden.


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FILTECH 2011, Wiesbaden/Germany (22.-24.03.2011)

FILTECH 2011, Wiesbaden/Germany (22.–24.03.2011) The growth of FILTECH continues: more than 200 companies will showcase their products and services on more than 7?400 m² of exhibition area in 2011...



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