Economic pumping technology

Tsurumi presented various solutions at the bauma 2010, which showed that, for example in the sand and gravel industry, it pays to handle the material simply with sewage pumps instead of using expensive excavators and trucks. Or to mount a quick-change adapter including pump (Fig.) instead of an excavator shovel in order to be able to dewater at many places in the shortest time. If the terrain is large and the pumping capacity is not sufficient for one section, it is not inevitably necessary to procure an extremely strong and, consequently, expensive pump. Frequently it is more reasonable to use just a small booster pump, which will relieve the unit at the front. Thus, the same target is achieved with less expenditure. Speaking of continuous operation – sewage pumps actually should be able to run continuously without any problem. However, not all units meet this requirement. If during slurping operation little or no water is delivered, some pumps will quickly collapse due to heat accumulation. In this connection the Japanese pumps for civil engineering have a system advantage, particularly as they have a unique positive lubrication that has proved a success for many years.


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