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Removing dust from process gases in the cement pyroprocess with optimized A TEC cyclone systems

Summary: For over 10 years now, A TEC has focussed on the use of cyclones in the cement pyroprocess and the associated processes. One example of the latter is the ­preliminary removal of dust from drying and working gases for mill processes. Besides the traditional cyclone designs, A TEC supplies special, optimized designs or cyclone systems, which have crucial advantages compared to traditional cyclones. Individual technological features of these special systems, e.g. guide vanes, can be used to optimize existing ­cyclone installations, as described in the following paper.

1 Introduction

On account of their simple design, limited space requirement, high operational reliability, as well as their low operating and investment costs, cyclones are used in almost all branches of industry. The cyclone’s main applications today are in hot gas and high-pressure dedusting, and as a preliminary separator for raw gases with high dust loads or as a final separator for easy-to-remove dusts.


In mineral processing, the removal of dust particles from air/gas mixtures by means of cyclones in combination with or without settling chambers is widely applied as a classical...

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