Optimized separation

Modelling and application to emission control and value-added product recovery


The development of the high-efficiency Hurricane® and ReCyclone® systems allows their application either for emission control or value-added product recovery. The purpose of this paper is to present not only the performance of these systems, but also a model to predict in a more realistic way the collection efficiency of a gas cyclone with or without partial recirculation. Some experimental results obtained in emission control and value-added product recovery are also presented, together with the corresponding PACyc predictions on grade and global collection efficiencies.

1 Introduction

Cyclones are gas-solid separation devices used in a wide variety of industries, mainly for the recovery of raw or pro­cess materials, as collectors for compliance with particulate emission limits, and as primary collectors to decrease the burden on more expensive secondary collectors. Cyclones are essentially attractive for operation at high temperatures and/or pressure, and the development of highly efficient cyclones, especially for fine particles below 2-3 μm in dia­meter, could have a significant impact in the chemical pro­cessing industries.


Based on a numerically optimized...

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