Smooth and abrasion-proof

Rubber components for conveying and processing minerals
Summary: The rubber pipe system from immuG Rohr + Schlauch GmbH, consisting of pipes, bends, T-pieces and reducers permits the configuration of pipelines and conveyor lines ­specifically adapted to application conditions. Rubber guarantees wear resistance superior to other materials and ensures economic service lifetimes.

1 Rubber as a Material for Conveyor Lines

The processes involved in the extraction and processing of sand and gravel make tough demands on the pipelines and fittings used for conveying the materials. Owing to the high density gradient and the low viscosity of the water, sand and gravel in suspensions sediment very quickly. Comparatively high conveying speeds are therefore necessary and usual to maintain the required delivery rates. As a consequence of this, the conveying lines are subject to severe wear caused by abrasion and impact. Pipes and fittings made of standard structural steel...

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