Limestone milling in Germany

On 23.07.2010 the Karl Kraft Steinwerke oHG in Heidenheim an der Brenz/Germany, placed an order for a LOESCHE LM 19.20 D mill (Fig.) for grinding limestone. The mill will be installed in a recently modified hall. Two different products are milled. The main product, with a capacity of 25 t/h, will be discharged with a fineness of 1 % R90 μm via a classifier. The second product is a grit extracted via a screw feeder. Besides the vertical grinding mill, the Loesche is also supplying a rotary valve, mill fan, the ducting and a hot gas generator. The LM 19.20 D mill is set to go into operation by January 2011.


Loesche GmbH, Düsseldorf (D), Tel.: +49 211 5353-0,


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