New tool for welding optimization

WeldCalc is decades of experience put down in a web-based software to help the user optimizing the welding process. At the trade fairs Samoter and ConExpo in March 2011, SSAB released the new WeldCalc 2.0. This version includes recommendations for Hardox and Domex along with Weldox steels and, thanks to the easy-access user interface and many new functions, the results are even easier to calculate and apply. The desired mechanical properties and the different plate materials involved in the joint is input by the user. Based on this information a “tolerance box” is calculated, showing the allowed span of heat input and preheat/interpass temperature. The new version also allows the user to save or export the results. The next time logging in the case can be opened, edited and saved again. WeldCalc 2.0 is web based and always updated to the latest version.


SSAB, Stockholm (S),


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