SENNEBOGEN 6130 HD transports tons of gravel

Heavy mining work is underway at the lake Alperstedter See close to Erfurt – with a SENNEBOGEN 6130 HD duty cycle crawler crane with drag shovel (Fig.). Equipped with a 5.6 m³ dragline, the machine extract 2500 m³ of gravel each day to depths of up to 5 m. The 29.9 m boom is used to pour material over a large heap before it is sieved after a short drying period and transported on with a HGV. The majority goes straight to the ICE Trasse Berlin-Nürnberg construction site. The pouring work with the SENNEBOGEN 6130 is carried out by construction company Himmel und Papesch on behalf of K+B Kies und Beton GmbH. In order to master the high transport quantities, the decision makers chose the heavy SENNEBOGEN duty cycle crawler crane and are just as happy with the decision as the driver, who praises the outstanding stability, smooth running characteristics and operating comfort in the cab in particular.


The robust HD duty cycle crawler cranes from SENNE­BOGEN are suitable for universal use, have been operated in a wide range of different fields all over the world for almost 60 years and represent manageable technology, outstanding stability and quality. The HD duty cycle crawler crane product range from SENNEBOGEN includes 9 models with loads of 20-200 t and motor performance of 119-570 kW.



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