Gravel extraction with the SENNEBOGEN 6130 HD

In the Wundschuh gravel pit near Graz, Austria, a ­SENNEBOGEN 6130 HD is working in dragline bucket operation. At an extraction depth of 13 m the task at hand is penetrating particularly hard layers, this was the impetus for Gral Schotter to use a duty cycle crawler crane of this size with the diesel engine pro­viding 354 kW (Fig. 1). Two powerful winches each offer up to 30 t pulling force, and together with the strong crawler running gear and a service-friendly concept, the machine fully satisfies the requirements. Equipped with a 4.5 m3 Rädlinger HS drag bucket and the 30 m boom, approximately 280 t of gravel per hour can be extracted with the 6130 HD.

Configured for dynamic loads and thanks to the maximum strength and pre-adjustable freefall speed, the machine is ideally suited for dragline bucket operation. In close coordination with the specialists at sales and service partner IBS Baumaschinen Österreich (Fig. 2), the 6130 HD was defined as the perfect machine for this task. In addition to the high capacity and robust design, the SENNE­BOGEN 6130 also convinces with easy operation and a high level of service-friendliness. The maXcab comfort cab offers a pleasant work environment and an optimal overview for the operator. Supplemental cameras ensure an ideal all-round view and added safety in daily operation.


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