AMMS moisture measurement sensor for bulk solids

Based on the clever combination of proven measuring systems, long-standing experience and the close cooperation with customers, the company ACO Automation Components Johannes Mergl e.K. developed a new generation of sensors. With the moisture sensor AMMS, the company offers a compact sensor that can be used for almost all kinds of bulk solids, granules, powders, mixtures, pastes and substances from varied fields of industry.

The new sensor stands out for its quality and convinces with its user-friendly calibration enabled by a specific software. Multiple calibrations of up to 10 calibration points are possible. A big advantage of the new software is the fact that calibration is carried out directly in the process. In simple applications, it is also possible to calibrate directly at the sensor. With the help of the software, measuring range or averaging can be easily adjusted. The output of the measuring values provided by the new AMMS occurs via an analogue output signal, e.g. 4…20 mA.

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