Owl Eye® Monitoring System

Volume measurement and digital management of bulk solids stockpiles

Owl Eye® is an innovative system for real-time volume measurement and management of bulk solids stockpiles with > 98 % accuracy. Data are saved in the digital platform and offer analysis functions like batch splitting and inventory taking. It lowers costs, avoids excess stock and promotes efficient utilization of raw materials. Owl Eye® facilitates cooperation between departments and operational sites. It can be used in production to improve efficiency.

The Owl Eye® Monitoring System is an innovative and technologically advanced tool that enables volume measurement and digital management of bulk solids stockpiles. The system uses a combination of advanced technology and proven algorithms to measure the volumes of bulk solid stockpiles in real time with an accuracy of > 98 %. In this process, different sensors are used and combined in a unique way to obtain an optimum result.


The data obtained are stored in the Owl Eye® digital platform and can be retrieved at any time on a computer or mobile device. The Owl Eye® has an innovative dashboard...

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