Absolutely clean conveying

Operators of conveyor systems, such as those used in coal mining, underground mining, steelworks or wood processing, require optimum efficiency for cleaning of the belts. Very good results can often be obtained with a combination of primary and secondary cleaners. Flexco Europe GmbH supplies cleaners for standard and heavy-duty applications, which can be easily installed and require little maintenance. Users can select and put together different products to obtain the most suitable solution.

Salts, hard rock, iron ore, cement or sand – as different as the materials are, which belt conveyors transport, for example, from extraction sites to processing plants or ports, as different are their properties. They can be wet, sticky, dry, acidic or abrasive. Depending on the ambient temperatures, it must be possible to efficiently clean the conveyor belts. This job is done by primary cleaners, which are installed at the pulley after material discharge, and secondary cleaners (Fig.). These are usually positioned directly behind where the belt leaves the head pulley.

The blade of the Flexco primary cleaners is made of polyurethane. This glides, without damaging the belt and without interruption over the mechanical splices. Thanks to the spring tensioning, the cleaner blade can quickly deflect when necessary. All maintenance work can be easily completed from the side of the belt. Retensioning and replacement of the cleaner blade do not require much effort. Where required, Flexco supplies blades with high heat and chemical resistance. The cleaners are available for belt widths from 300-1600 mm, 300-1800 mm, 650-2000 mm or also 500-1800 mm.

Depending on the application, the Flexco range includes primary cleaners to meet various requirements, for example for limited space or high temperatures up to 163 °C. They can also be used in mining where they are exposed to normal, increased and extreme stresses. Depending on whether they are used for belts with mechanical splices or vulcanized belts, the cleaners have C or V blade tips. Optimum belt contact is ensured by a patented cushioning system.

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