Dear Readers What will be the source of energy of the future? Fossil fuels are limited, nuclear fuels are not safe and the disposal of residues has...






Record attendance at SOLIDS Dortmund 2014

Around 5000 visitors came to SOLIDS Dortmund & RECYCLING-TECHNIK 2014 at Westfalenhallen Dortmund on 21 and 22 May 2014 to do business with 393 exhibiting companies, to make contacts and to discuss specific projects. This represented a growth in both exhibitor and visitor numbers of 15 % compared to 2012. “The trade-show duo presented itself with a new brilliance this year. The...



Preventative maintenance from CDE

Located on the island of Aruba, off the coast of Venezuela ATCO Concrete Products have recently taken ownership of a turnkey C&D waste recycling plant from CDE Global to process construction and demolition waste for use in concrete production (Fig. 1). The ever-increasing demand for construction materials on the island of Aruba led to a dramatic increase in production and thus ATCO had to become more efficient than ever. ATCO took the opportunity to set up the first ready mix facility on the island, supplying a large proportion of the market. The addition of the washing plant from CDE paves the way for future growth and increased efficiencies with the production of 2 no. washed recycled aggregates (5-10 mm, 10-20 mm) and also 1 no. washed recycled sand at -5 mm. The modular Construction & Demolition waste recycling plant on site is comprised of an M2500 E3, an AggMax 82R, a RotoMax RX80 an AquaCycle A200, a GHT Overhead Beam Filter Press and 3 no. S3008 stockpile conveyors (Fig. 2) processing a variety of raw feed material up to a rate of 110 t/h. The Processing System The CDE recycling plant at ATCO includes a number of treatment phases including the initial feeding system, the attrition phase which scrubs the aggregate product and removes unwanted contaminants, the aggregate screening and stockpiling system, a sand washing phase which produces one washed recycled sand product, a primary stage water treatment phase and a sludge management system. The raw feed material is delivered to the M2500 via an R15 feed hopper and tipping grid at a maximum rate of 100 t/h which is fitted with a 150 mm screening grid. The integrated belt feeder then transfers the material directly onto an inclined transfer conveyor which features an integrated overband magnet for the effective removal of any ferrous material which can then be discharged into an underlying skip. The material from the conveyor is then transferred onto the ProGrade rinsing screen for first phase of washing and screening. The P2-75 screen is designed to cope with the harshest of materials and features polyurethane matts on the top and bottom deck to ensure precise and efficient screening with high resistance to abrasion. The top deck aperture is split into two sizes, the first 2 m is designed to screen material at 10 mm with the last 3 m designed to screen material at 22.5 mm. Individual spray bars work to wash the material, with the +22.5 mm aggregates from the top deck being sent to an oversize stockpile via an inclined conveyor. Meanwhile, the +10 mm material is washed and screened before being directly sent to a transfer conveyor prior to entering the AggMax 82R. In the interim, material on the bottom deck is screened for material at 2.5 mm, which following the screening and washing of the smaller aggregate is then moved along to a transfer conveyor and subsequently fed into the AggMax. The AggMax 82R attrition system integrates pre-screening, the RotoMax R80 attrition system, a trash screen for the removal of contaminants and an EvoScreen dewatering screen for post-attrition rinsing of the scrubbed material on one single chassis. Designed specifically for heavy, clay bound material; the aggregates within...


Positive fair results

The SCHAD FÖRDERELEMENTE GmbH & Co. KG Hungen (Hesse), a company specialized in the manufacture and sales of high-quality components for material...


Absolutely clean conveying

Operators of conveyor systems, such as those used in coal mining, underground mining, steelworks or wood processing, require optimum efficiency for cleaning of the belts. Very good results can often...