Testing ensures quality of belt conveyors

RAG Mining Solutions GmbH employees safeguard production availability by testing belt conveyor systems. Numerous operators already rely on the services of the experts. The experts of the laboratory test put the delivered belt conveyors through their paces. The RAG Mining Solutions Testing Institute does not only test belts for the mining industry but also textile conveyor belts and steel cord conveyor belts for every conceivable applications. The results obtained from the investigations of the accredited laboratory according to DIN EN ISO 17025 are internationally recognised. Material testing on metals and plastics are also part of this accreditation.

“Our national and international customers include renowned companies from the steel producing industry, mining industry as well as other industries for which we regularly carry out incoming goods inspections on conveyor belts”, says Olaf Beckmann, head of RAG Mining Solutions Testing department, about the customer base. The further portfolio of Testing with its headquarters in Herne includes utility value audits as well as in-process inspections on conveyor belts. The main objective of studies is to determine the mechanical characteristic values of the conveyor belts. For this purpose, the employees take a large number of samples from a belt section. Inappropriate belts are discarded before being installed and this ensures also customers from non-mining related industries production availability. For some weeks now, the RAG Group Testing department has become first inspection body for mining equipment. This accreditation to DIN EN ISO 17020 is unique of its kind worldwide.



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