All in One – compact crushing and screening

For about 8 years, the Klöpper Abbruch and Klöpper Recycling GmbH from Duisburg has been a successful owner-managed group of companies active in the deconstruction and recycling business. A central focus is the processing of recycling products. For this purpose, Clemens Klöpper, the owner of the company, replaced his impact crusher unit, which so far has been operated by two separate screening plants. In June Apex Fördertechnik provided the new McCloskey chaw crusher J45R to the company, which is equipped with active pre-screening, post-screening and a back feeding unit for oversize granules as a test facility. This has all important functions for the operation on-board.

In test runs for the processing of the recycling material, the pre-screen of the J45R was equipped with a 20 mm square mesh to enable the pre-screening of the material in sizes of 0/15 mm and 0/18 mm already in the run-up. The classification is a highly selective process to ensure that only coarse particles without fine material are fed to the plant. The material has passed the screen as well as the square mesh screen below it after only half a meter. In another example, the feed material with a size of 1000 mm was crushed to grain sizes of 0/600 mm, while the post-screen contained a 50 mm square mesh screen. As a result, the machine produced 0/45 mm grains without problems.

The tests showed that in such cases, the machines are able to produce 70 m³ or 120 t of high-quality final grain from 0/45 mm per hour. In an interdisciplinary comparison, such performance data correspond to the productivity of an impact mill which works with a separate screening system. However, this is no longer competitive with such a plant due to its lack of an integrated operation method.

The new McCloskey chaw crusher is still equipped with level probe, hydraulic overload protection and hydraulic gap adjustment. Grains of larger sizes reach the J45R crusher directly via the oversize grain return belt, which, with an inflow width of slightly less than 1200 x 700 mm is generously dimensioned. Due to the large distance between crusher and discharge conveyor, it is possible to remedy problems caused by reinforcement or bridging in a very short time. In principle, the main conveyor belts of the McCloskey crushers can be lowered to eliminate possible blockages. If recycling material is concerned, a strong overbold magnet reliably withdraws the reinforcement from the cycle and ensures iron-free final grain up to 95 %. It is also possible to operate the plant without a downstream screening plant. For this purpose, the hydraulic quick fasteners must be loosened to mount or dismount the plant, as required, within 15 minutes.

With a weight of almost 49 t, the J45R already plays in the league of the heavyweights, but can still be transported to the spot escorted by a support vehicle. Clemens Klöpper wants to operate the plant on external building sites and is glad to have to plan only one transit route instead of two for the outward and return journey, as was previously the case. With its diesel-hydraulic direct drive the plant is not only easy to operate, but also allows for non-proprietary repair, since there are no complex electronics involved. Apex Fördertechnik provides service as well as wear and spare parts within 24 hours.

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