Fusion of two screen classics

Binder+Co AG expands its product range of flip flow screens

T‌he Austrian specialist for processing technology for raw materials and recyclables Binder+Co has been a globally sought-after supplier of the BIVITEC flip flow screening machine for decades. Now the world market leader in the processing of hard to screen bulk materials is presenting its latest innovation in flip flow series with the BIVITEC e+. “Innovation at Binder+Co does not only mean the development of new machines, but also providing our customers with the possibility of achieving the greatest possible benefit from valuable raw and recyclable materials during processing,” explains Jörg Rosegger, Binder+Co Management Board member.

The aim of the product range extension is to offer customers an economic solution in terms of investment and operating costs. In order to achieve this, Binder+Co has combined two sales classics from its screening machine programme in one machine: the low dynamic loads resulting from mass balancing of the resonance screening machine and the BIVITEC flip flow system.

The machine fusion results in a lightweight construction and the associated lower drive power. This means that the BIVITEC e+ can save up to 40 % in weight and up to 65 % in energy. The low dynamic loads of the latest Binder+Co flip flow screen permit a smaller dimensioning of the substructure, which can significantly reduce investment costs. This is also of interest for retrofitting or machine replacement in existing plants, as the existing infrastructure can be used without the need for expansion or reinforcement.

The BIVITEC e+ can be designed as a single deck screening machine as well as a multi deck version and can be stacked as often as required. A further advantage of this flip flow type is the adjustability of the vibration characteristics. Each screen deck can be individually adjusted, which is particularly advantageous when both unproblematic and difficult-to-screen separation cuts are to be made on one machine. The applications of the BIVITEC e+ range from sand, gravel, crushed stone, salt, ores to the most diverse tasks in recycling.



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