CeramTec-Etec GmbH

The compact tube bend from CeramTec-ETEC has ­revolutionized wear protection in pneumatic systems and opened up new dimensions. In the transport of abra­sive materials in power plants, foundries or chemicals plants, ­impact absorbers had to be used for narrow radii. The compact tube bend made by CeramTec-ETEC (Fig.) allows radii smaller than 500 mm. Despite this, the material flow is not interrupted. The secret lies in the ceramic liner within the steel tube bend with a constant nominal passage width.


This system protects the transported material and guarantees safe transport at lower pressure, therefore saving energy. Turbulence and caking are a thing of the past. Impact absorbers can be replaced 1:1 by compact ceramic-lined tube bends. In combination with the ceramic/steel ball valve, the flexible hose lines and the tube bend made of high-performance cera­mics, downtime/repair time is reduced substantially.


For users, wear protection solutions from Lohmar mean getting the entire know-how from one source. CeramTec-ETEC produces high-performance ­ceramics on its own presses and in its own kilns. The elements are fabricated to customer specifications, machined, and installed if requested. So the complete system comes from one source. The ceramic experts in Lohmar are convinced that alumina is the best base material, as proven in the blast wear test. Alumina achieves much better results in respect of volume wear compared to cast basalt, cast corundum, steel, cast iron or overlay welding.


During POWTECH, experts from CeramTec-ETEC will show and explain to the trade fair visitors the compact tube bends as well as other wear protection solutions that can ­ensure more eco-friend­liness and cost efficiency in plants.

Hall 5; Stand 355


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