Mosaics Mix for Wear Protection

Wear is an everyday problem even in gravel pits, and although the respective material selection cannot prevent wear from arising, it helps to minimize it. The problem of a quarry in the Harz Mountains was the insufficient material transport in a vibration chute installed under a jaw crusher (Fig. 1). The previously existing anti-wear lining consisting of impact bars resulted in clumping or blockage of the chute after a certain time, in particular during humid weather.

The problem was solved by a divided mosaics lining. In the impact zone of the crushed materials, PU-tiles from RWEV were used in two different dimensions, 250 x 300 and 200 x 200 mm. The lining material absorbs the impact energy, which ensures that at this point, the clumping problem caused by the continuously falling material does no longer occur. But as a result, the subsequent part of the chute has often been clumped by the material. In order to avoid this, the respective areas were lined with ceramics. Now, the wear protection layer consists of ceramic tiles of 200 x 200 mm which, in turn, are composed of 20 mm thick K 2000 ceramic tiles from RWEV. With the two-component adhesive Flex E from RWEV, they are glued onto 10 mm thick steel panels which are equipped with welded threaded bolts (Fig. 2). As can be seen from the enclosed illustrations, the problem has been satisfactorily solved for the customer, since the natural stone material shows low caking properties on the RWEV ceramics (Fig. 3). Based on the divided wear protection, both materials, PU as well as ceramics, can show their individual strengths in the respective areas. 

With the wear to be expected in this plant, also simple exchange options of the wear protection elements are of great benefit. All tiles are fixed by only one screw. Only the 300 x 250 mm large panels in the feeding area are mounted with 3 screws. In case of uneven wear, the worn elements can each be exchanged in small segments.



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