Design of Heavy-Duty Idlers for the Upper Run of Belt Conveyors
Part II: Engineering Design of Idlers

Heavy-duty idlers in the upper run of belt conveyors are exposed to severe stresses derived from the load applied by the mass flow. As the production costs and service lifetime of the idlers have a considerable influence on the cost-efficient use of the idlers, alongside their operational design, the engineering design of the idlers is crucially important. On the basis of the loads and stresses on idlers described in Part I “Idler Requirements” [1], in Part II aspects of the engineering design of the main components, i.e. the axle or shaft, bearing retainer and shell casing as well as the rolling bearings, are described. Going on from the engineering design, Part III will address the “Operational Design of Idlers” and describe the main operational parameters, i.e. running resistance and sound emission, which, alongside durability, increasingly determine the service lifetime of idlers.

1. Introduction
Idlers play a key role in the cost-efficient operation of belt conveyors. The stresses on the idler in heavy-duty belt conveyors present a particular challenge with regard to idler engineering.
Knowledge of the precise operating conditions for idlers in belt conveyors, as described in Part I “Idler Requirements” [1], forms the basis for effective engineering design of heavy-duty idlers. Effective harmonization of engineering needs and general production conditions is imperative for the production of economically efficient idlers. But for the engineering design of idlers, it is...

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