Long service life

Spherical roller bearings for use in heavy industry

N‌SK’s spherical roller bearings are used throughout heavy industry - in mining and quarrying, steel production, the metal industry and paper manufacturing. They achieve a very long service life even under adverse environmental conditions such as vibration, high temperatures, shock and impact loads. This applies in particular to the spherical roller bearings of the NSKHPS series (High Performance Standard).


NSK spherical roller bearings are available in various designs and versions. What they all have in common is their long service life under unfavourable ambient conditions – even with vibrations, high temperatures and shock loads

NSK spherical roller bearings are available in various designs and versions. What they all have in common is their long service life under unfavourable ambient conditions – even with vibrations, high temperatures and shock loads
Even at high ambient and operating temperatures, NSKHPS spherical roller bearings remain dimensionally stable and can support high radial loads and also moderate axial loads. The hallmarks of the NSKHPS standard include tight radial clearance tolerances, increased manufacturing accuracy of the inner and outer rings, and a special surface finish of the rolling elements with a heat treatment that provides excellent shock load capacity.


The high dynamic load capacity of NSKHPS spherical roller bearings leads – compared to standard industrial bearings – to a service life that is up to twice as long. Other features include a 20 % higher speed limit and temperature stabilisation up to 200 °C as standard. In addition, the user reduces the service effort and thus the life cycle costs with the use of these bearings. All NSK spherical roller bearings, including the NSKHPS series, are manufactured in Japan according to international ISO standards and are appreciated worldwide for their high performance and quality. At the European Logistics Centre (EDC) in Tilburg/Netherlands, NSK keeps a comprehensive range of bearings ready for delivery across Europe at very short notice.


Typical applications for these bearings in the steel industry include conveyors and walking beams in hot rolling mills as well as ventilation systems in ore processing. The range also includes numerous special designs and options. Very large NSKHPS spherical roller bearings are manufactured as split bearings. One of these options is the sealed-clean seals: spring-loaded nitrile rubber seals whose special contour prevents the seals from coming loose from the bearing even under high loads during operation.


In the NSKHPS spherical roller bearings of the Molded-Oil range, lubrication is based on a special oil-impregnated material – an optimal solution for corrosive and dust-laden environments. Another option is bearings with a removable seal. This variant is aimed at long service life and excellent sealing properties in harsh conditions such as those found in quarries and mining.


Spherical roller bearings for vibrating screens occupy a special position. They create an important prerequisite for long-term trouble-free operation of screening machines for separating ores and minerals in mining plants and other extraction operations. The long service life here is achieved, among other things, by the special surface treatment on the outer ring raceway, which minimises the slippage of the rollers.


The range of NSK spherical roller bearings for demanding applications is supplemented by the SWR series (Super Wear Resistant). In this series, a special steel composition with carefully controlled residual austenite content and patented heat treatment ensures a very long service life under the ambient conditions of the steel industry.


A new addition to the spherical roller bearing range is the ECA series with a patented cage design that offers an even higher level of productivity, reliability and load carrying capacity. The optimised cage reduces internal stresses and allows a guide ring to be dispensed with, which offers advantages when used in steel production plants and mining machinery, among other things.



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