Dust control and odor absorption at stationary and mobile systems

Many years ago, the NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik GmbH,
 based in Kirchberg in the Hunsruck, specialized in dust absorption by water fog, producing an atomizing system for the reduction of dust. A prerequisite for effective dust control is the fact that dust particles tend to accumulate on fine water drops, which can be utilized to bind dust in the material to be conveyed. This, however, can only work if the water provides a sufficiently large surface. With the
NEBOLEX System, the water in self-priming spray mist heads is torn into fine droplets. The water drops are converted into smallest fog particles.


Due to the multiple enlargement of the water surface, very low water consumption can be achieved. Depending on the processed material and on the dust formation, the water input into the falling material amounts to only 1-5 per mil. This is also of crucial importance for the further processing of the material. With this system, targeted spraying is possible and a veil of mist can be generated exactly at the desired position. The development of a horizontal or vertical wall of fog is also feasible, since the two variants of dust suppression can be combined without problems.


There are many different ways to start the generation of the wall of fog or of the fog layer prior to dust formation. It is either triggered by means of radio remote control, which is switched on and off manually, or by means of a light barrier, which, for example, recognizes the wheel loader and activates the fogging of the plant for a preset time. Ultrasonic sensors are used as well. The system in modular design can be easily extended and, basically, consists of the following structural components: the preparation of compressed air (compressor), the control unit and control device for optimum and demand-oriented control of the system and the fog bars with mist heads, which introduce the generated water fog. The system presented here is permanently installed, e.g. on crushing plants in quarries. Due to the robust design, there are no objections against the application in harsh environments. The use of this system enables dust reduction of more than 90 % with very low water input.


Due to the ever greater problem of fine dust pollution, in particular in metropolitan areas, dust control in construction and demolition work as well as during detonations is of utmost importance. Here again, NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik GmbH offers the adequate solution. Mobile dust binding machines are turbines using air and water pressure to generate fine water mist. The fully automatic fog guns are universally usable, powerful and environmentally friendly. Special nozzles generate fine water mist, which binds dust particles directly at the source in a highly efficient way.


Depending on kind and size of the dust particles, the nozzles are configured according to demand, to ensure optimum binding of most different kinds of dust. State-of-the-art nozzle technology guarantees efficient water throughput. Simple control of the device through remote control, touch panel at the electric cabinet or via PC is possible. The different fog guns can be controlled via remote control and are thus easy to handle. Mounted on pallets for forklift trucks or on an undercarriage, the machines are well maneuverable. Different throw distances guarantee a radius of action of 5-80 m.


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