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Use of the SolidSim flowsheet simulation system for holistic modeling of lignite beneficiation

RWE Power AG processes lignite on an industrial scale to produce briquettes, pulverized lignite, fluidized-bed coal and coke. Flowsheet simulation software is used for the holistic modeling, simulation and optimization of process-engineering processes and operations, and can also offer further benefits, such as rapid performance of case studies when
customers’ requirements change and systematic exploitation of process-engineering know-how. The simulation tools already established were developed for the field of fluids process-engineering, however, and are not suitable for modeling of the lignite beneficiation process. The development of the SolidSim flowsheet simulation system now introduces a tool for also modeling solids processes in a similar manner [1].

1 Introduction
Rhineland lignite is mined by means of open-cast operations in the region approximately bounded by the cities of Aachen, Cologne and Mönchengladbach. The ROM lignite produced from these open-cast workings has a water content of up to 60 wt.%. The main part of this coal is used for power generation, a further fraction is processed in beneficiation plants to obtain dried lignite, and then, downstream, further products such as lignite coke, briquettes and pulverized lignite. The Ville-Berrenrath lignite beneficiation plant located in the Hürth-Knapsack industrial zone is one of...

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